Think about the total pollutant load control of consumers ‘ financial | Consumer finance featured popular 2017 the latest edition

Few people remember the multiple debtor issues for total amount of consumer credit.
People continued multiple borrowing and consumer life and eventually to suicide, then evolved into a major social problem.
If you think the root cause of consumer bankruptcy, boils down to two.
That was so far beyond the debtor’s ability to repay debt, another one is made beyond the repayment capacity of the debtor’s consumer lending, such as loans.
Sometimes violent collection of poverty status and some consumer loans including TV became quite topics focusing on the arenormally administration and what appeared, gone is the total pollutant load control.
Is the total yearly income of 3 minutes between limiting the amount of loans, consumer finance, legal regulations of money lending business law, from consumer finance with exception of some lending large sums of I anymore.
Multiple debtor seems like a sedative consumer bankruptcy by the total pollutant load control is no longer borrowing from lenders such as consumer finance some sharks said also that we’re in the money.
But about the multiple debtor issues as the Administration to do nothing that might say that will not go out even the introduction of the total pollutant load control.
However, the total pollutant load control problem is that the regulations exclude from total bank.
Even with the same terms may be caused consumer bankruptcy was the most consumer finance from banks escaped amount regulations subject to the consumer finance and bank lending money to say.
Don’t expect to introduce the total pollutant load control on consumer finance, if banks introduced regulations, what is wrong?.
Certainly, in the consumer bankruptcy bad guys mistake consumer finance was not found.
If that total pollutant load control to regulate the bad guys, but still good.
But the terms to protect the over-indebted people to solve the multiple debtor issues total pollutant load control only consumer finance is where you help feeling uncomfortable.
Will want to lend to the customer is, of course, banks are pretty tough examination of loan repayment ability is the issue.
However, the coming fierce competition among banks will fall if it did not imagine.
Is also, as balances to avoid multiple debtor issues by the Bank of advance of administrative responsibility.プロミス 館林