Cost of living compensation for caching at the consumer finance

Kaneshie soy’s caching experiences are using caching promise age: 28-year-old gender: male employment contract employees (IT-related companies) seniority: 1 year 8 months salary: 2500000 Yen third-party debt financing: 650000 Yen at the 3 (consumer finance company two credit card companies)
Past financial accident record: none due to cost of living compensation for consumer finance.
Did not rely on savings than almost any other payments because other Office.
At this rate, no meals even rent instead!
I said that I signed up for.
Was unable to jump into the consumer’s corner office would be noticeable, so, promise from the WEB process and reviewed after a couple of days and received a card at home.
It is fight the temptation here is thought of, was saved for the time being, have begun.
When using for the first time limit the promise was 100000 yen.
One day thought is anyway in a hurry and must repay had earmarked about 30000 Yen to pay off each month will pay the 90000 Yen in the first three months a month after full repayment, “properly repaid is like, so now to 300000 Yen limit can change!” and you receive a call from promise.
I think that has contact with I think pretty good timing.
Naturally you would here be refused.
But was I had increased to 300000 Yen further.
It is said that early promise and then State.
Spend more time payments, cost of living, the cash amount per Cup.
Money borrowed by the consumer finance and credit card 泣kitsuita want to increase further as a result was swelling to 650000 Yen in total.
When taken up there, finally awoke.
We also remit 30000 yen each month to interest and continue to repay nearly two years or more;
It’s not full-time employee apart from his unstable contract, money returns continued education, car and home loans as something to remain.
I think suddenly struck me despair, in front of the eyes darkened so that.
Using consumer finance, thought is that on the return journey the thorny paths stepped in while walking one.
And even now continues to pay off, is relishing the fact that derived.
Stress is very grateful to living expenses or just emergency money is needed at present continue to repay are pretty tough.
Sorry too late is to increase to 300000 Yen at that time to do such a thing… and not too sorry.

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